About us

Welcome at Rodi Holding B.V.

Rodi Holding BV is your partner for R&D Support and Development of new business idea’s. Main activities have found their background in food and pharmaceutical industries.
Rodi Holding BV can support development projects through Consultancy Activities or by managing Projects in a co-operation with various companies. We can also offer small scale screening and application studies at our own facilities or in co-operation of our network partners.
Rodi Holding BV can support the development from idea till market introduction.

Rodi Holding B.V. is a privately owned company which was founded in 2003.

Until 2010, it’s main activities were advise, innovation and managing support in food and pharmaceutical research & development projects:

– adsorption of bio-active compounds via ion-exchange chromatography
– use of ultra filtration techniques for protein purification and concentration
– yield optimization of Influenza vaccine production processes
– intranasal process development of Influenza vaccine
– enzymatic hydrolysis and preparation of bio-active peptides

– fill and finish of drug product, lyophilization, hand fill of automated of drug product in vials, blow fill seals and ampoules or other primary packaging materials
– pharmaceutical resin development and supply of (sterile) resins

In the last years Rodi Holding has developed a series of new products for both the pharmaceutical and health food market.

Rodi Holding beliefs in the importance of knowledge sharing and will bring it’s idea of a Knowledge Sharing Network to practise by the launch of wenounce.com